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Let’s Launch: 10 Tips for Successfully Kicking Off Your New Business (Or Newly “Launching” Your Old One)

Tania Zamorsky
4 min readAug 29, 2021

By Tania Zamorsky

Congratulations! After months/years/a likely lifetime of hard work, you are preparing to launch your business. How can you give yourself the best chance of making a great first impression and continuing to succeed in the long run? Consider utilizing some combination of the following proven PR, media relations, marketing and communications techniques:

· GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT — so that you can share it with customers, clients and the press. “Origin story” or otherwise, you may not think you have a compelling tale to tell, about your business, but you almost certainly do. You may simply need a little help figuring out what it is, and who needs to hear it.

· DECIDE UPON YOUR BRAND — Who are you? First, before you fall in love with it, make sure the name you want to use for your business isn’t already taken, or you might (at a minimum) be forced to change it later. Next, what do you want your business to look and feel like, and even more important, stand for? What are your values, your mission? Take some time to think these foundational questions through — as all subsequent moves and messaging should stem consistently from the answers.

· MASTER YOUR MESSAGING — so that you can discuss your business effectively, with various audiences. If only to serve as a reference for reporters, prepare a press release and “press kit” or other possible supporting materials (videos, charts or infographics, etc.) to support your more personalized and highly targeted media pitch.

· CREATE YOUR COLLATERAL — Budget may understandably be a concern but, at a bare minimum, you should invest in a logo and a basic website. If you interact with people regularly in person, add business cards and maybe a brochure to that list. Have a physical storefront or a vehicle? You will need signage. If you sell products, you will need mailers, boxes and/or bags. Everything should be branded consistently and, ideally, in place before you launch.

· SOCIALIZE — Think about which social media platforms will make the most sense for you (not everyone needs to be everywhere) and set yourself up there in a brand-consistent way. And it isn’t enough just to send out a Tweet or post a selfie in front of your new storefront; you will want to be delivering a consistent drumbeat of interesting and interactive content. Some of this, you can do on the fly. But you should also try to plan out an editorial calendar, in advance.

· OPEN GRANDLY — Whether through a special sale, a seminar or an open house with wine and cheese, consider hosting a “Grand Opening” or some other kickoff event that thematically matches you.

· THINK BUSINESS AMUSE BOUCHE — Whet their appetites. With articles, samples, giveaways or product demos, think about how you can give your customers and the press a clear idea of what you are offering, while still leaving them wanting more.

· PERHAPS, PARTNER — Consider a strategic collaboration of some sort with another local, or complementary, business — where they can welcome you, while offering their existing base some new benefit. This, of course, can be done at any time.

· DON’T FORGET ADS AND INFLUENCE — Earned (purely editorial) media is arguably your best — and most budget-friendly — bet, as people usually know when what they are reading has been paid for and someone’s objective and editorial assessment of you can feel more trustworthy. But, if your budget allows for it, sponsored content, ads and working with influencers can also be extremely impactful. Consider exploring these routes as well, if only in a smaller, local way.

· PAUSE. LOOK AROUND. BREATHE. You will undoubtedly face some challenges on this new adventure, so it is important that you also take the time to enjoy the ride and acknowledge your milestones and victories along the way.

Oops, did you open without ever officially “launching” your business? Like many small business owners or solopreneurs, perhaps you simply shared the news with your small personal network, opened your doors, got to work and hoped for the best — like a shy person sneaking into a party. If so, don’t beat yourself up; all introverts (myself included) can no doubt relate.

But at the same time, don’t sell yourself short or deprive your business of every possible opportunity to shine. While your delayed announcement may require some creative workarounds and additional strategies, you can still take advantage of many of these techniques. Even if it is too late to technically “launch,” it is NOT too late to come back in and make an entrance — and this time with all of the fanfare you deserve.

Tania Zamorsky is the founder of Zamo PR & Communications and its small-business-boosting site, Bincubate. She can be reached at info@zamopr.com.



Tania Zamorsky

Tania is a writer and PR & communications consultant living in New York.